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20 years of experience in the photo industry
We keep our business simple and honest!
Our Used Disposable Camera Recycling Program is very simple and easy!
We pay quickly!
We pay the shipping!
We pay per camera!
Silver Piranha Recycling Single Use Camera Recycling - We pay quickly, we pay the shipping, we pay per camera!
Our used disposable camera recycling program is client user-friendly. In Ontario, we will pick up your boxes of used disposable cameras, count them and pay you on the SPOT! In the rest of Canada, you just call us and we'll do the rest. The driver will bring preprinted, prepaid labels to put on each box, therefore you have no labels or waybills to fill out.

This unique courier pick-up service is available right across Canada.

Silver Piranha Recycling Unique Courier Pick-Up Service Available Across Canada
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Silver Piranha Single Use Camera Recycling